Fear and anger are too often our guide.

As I watch what is happening in the US as well as throughout the world, it is easy to be overwhelmed by fear and anger. Both of those emotions can be useful to keep us from danger or to prevent us from being victims, but they cannot guide our day to day decisions. Bad decisions will be the only result. Disgust is usually the emotion that I feel immediately after fear and anger. Disgust with the situation and the people involved. Then rational behavior and decision making return. That’s my personal process.

I’m in the disgust phase with the US right now. It’s clear CoVid-19 is being used for political purposes only. The CDC admitted the death rate in the US is .4 percent. It’s just another manageable virus for our country. We have been intentionally deceived for political gain. The riots and looting in our cities are the same. The big problem areas are all liberal run cities and haven’t even tried to stop the destruction. The politicians in those areas and our national media have actually encouraged the destruction. It’s just another political agenda. President Trump has held much restraint as they have tried to get him to send in actual military forces to end the riots. Then they can point and say dictator etc. That is a trap. I have sympathy for people who are genuinely trying to protest a wrongful death and bring about positive change. They have been over run by political agendas. But what I feel for areas like NYC and Seattle is disgust. You voted for the politicians year after year. The politicians supported the rioting and looting. Live with it or vote them out. I don’t feel any obligation to send you bail out money. As for the 7 block are of Seattle that ANTIFA and the BLM took, well that actually made me laugh. Historically, an area under siege has it’s food and supplies shutoff. In our age, also communications. Game over. This is not that hard to end. Seattle doesn’t want to end the siege. Seattle is ensuring they get supplies. Seattle is actively encouraging this mess. Seattle can deal with their own mess. The same with NYC. The same with LA and Chicago and Minneapolis. You encouraged the carnage. You can clean up your own mess. You didn’t have an outside terrorist attack or a national disaster. This was self inflicted. Trump didn’t do this. Liberal Democrats did this. There is also a group of entrenched Republicans who have encouraged all of these behaviors. They too are globalists. It’s all to take down Trump, destroy our constitution and gain more power and control for yourselves. If you wanted to stop the outside actors, you have the capability. You are choosing not to. Disgust. That’s what I feel.

What am I going to do? Vote for Trump. Refuse to comply with your ridiculous lockdowns and mask wearing orders. Refuse to be afraid. Go to work. Raise my child. Enjoy my life. Mow my lawn. Visit my friends and family. Refuse to buy into the fear the media is selling. Refuse to fight with my neighbor. Go the wrong way down the Wal Mart aisle just like everyone else where I live does. Continue to have my son’s friends over to spend the night and send him to his friend’s houses for the night. Continue my life. Vote for Trump.

Nope, we still don’t have any outbreaks up here where I live. The numbers are the same. Next to zero cases.

Stop listening to the media and the politicians. Stop being afraid and angry. Go meet your neighbor. Go visit areas outside of your comfort zone and see for yourself what is real or not real. Use your brain, your own eyes, your own conversations, your own experiences to guide your decisions. Approach things with an open mind instead of looking for reasons to reinforce your own beliefs. Look at other people’s viewpoints objectively. Are the problems you face everyday unique to your area? Are people’s daily lives in other areas completely different than yours? Are you voting for people who truly represent you or are you voting how you have been told to vote? Your opinion and viewpoint are not the only ones allowed in the US. We don’t have to agree. We do have to let others have their own ideas, values, and viewpoints. Stop letting fear and anger be your guide.


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