As in 2016, I am thoroughly sickened and disgusted by the far left and it’s determination to destroy our country.

The attack on America from the inside has been going on for decades. The Obamas dialed it up a notch with their continuous divisiveness. The 2016 elections showed Trump supporters the level of depravity and lies/censorship our media has been inflicting upon us all. The 2016 elections showed Trump supporters the absolute level of depravity the Deep State will go to in order to end our republic and usher in communism and the one world government. Trump supporters ignore your responses of no argument but only name calling and screaming. Trump supporters ignore your media polls. Trump supporters ignore your cries of conspiracy theory. Trump supporters ignore your shaming. Our self worth is not determined by your opinion. Trump supporters for the most part, simply ignore you altogether. We go vote for our country and preserving the constitution as well as our individual God given rights. We go on about our lives.

You have been suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome since 2016. Your level of deceit and depravity is almost incomprehensible. There is no low the far left and the media will not explore. There is no crime they will not commit or lie they will not tell. I nearly fell out with laughter when Biden said he doesn’t support defunding our police departments. He is a puppet and has not yet been declared the official nominee. It’s halfway through June and the elections, if they happen, are in November. Trump supporters have not left Trump. Why would we? You offer us nothing. We aren’t intimidated by you and we don’t believe anything you say or do. We are aware this is an attack on our freedom, religion, morality, values, constitution, history, and government.

Beginning in 2015, the meat packing industry illegally began setting inflated prices. They are being sued. Money was invested by the deep state to manufacture meat in labs with the goal of a complete monopoly over food production. Then the attack on eliminating agriculture increased. The attacks on religion have increased. The BLM and ANTIFA were formed. You have spent over three years trying to unseat President Trump. You have failed. You are desperate. You are throwing a hail Mary with the CoVid-19 lockdowns, riots, and economic shutdowns. It’s unfortunate that people living in economically devastated cities controlled by the far left continue to vote for the same people over and over expecting new results. I’ve been in 33 states for both vacations and business. The difference between republican and democrat run cities are night and day. Regardless of where you live, you need to leave your immediate community, city, and state. You need to visit areas outside of your echo chamber. There is nothing more uneducated than people residing in liberal cities judging the rest of America when many of those people have never left their own neighborhood let alone travelled to another area of the country. They’ve certainly never travelled outside the liberal zone. You need to wake up before it’s too late. You are being spoon fed lies.


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