Wheat Harvest Time In Oklahoma and Kansas

We had a week of over 100 degree weather. The wheat turned from green to a ripe golden color. We had a day of winds blowing in averaging from 35-45mph winds with wind gust from 60-70mph in some areas. Cool weather arrived with the wind. Farmers began cutting some varieties of wheat even in the high winds. Today was beautiful outside. Fields have been full of combines, tractors pulling grain carts and everything from 50 year old trucks to brand new semis hauling grain to local elevators. No one has time for anything else. Forget about getting down the highways and dirt roads if you’re in a hurry. Forget about anything except getting the wheat out of the fields while it’s ripe and ready for market.

As I was driving from work back to my house today, I couldn’t help but be thankful for living where I live and all of the blessings this area has received. There are no demonstrators. There are no riots and looters. There are people of various races all working together to get the wheat out of the fields. Work and connection to the earth and the cycle of life cures most evils. That and a love for God. There’s a reason why locals refer to this area as God’s country. We are truly blessed with peace even when others are not.

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