Please do not let facts get in your way when discussing police shooting statistics in the US. Since 2015 total black deaths are 1252 and the total white deaths are 2385.

The fear mongering campaign by Democrats and the media in the US has got to stop. The following is a link to Statista where my numbers are documented.

Here is another breakdown by year since 2016 published by

The campaign of fear and racism in the US needs to end. Is there still racism? Yes, there is around the world. Is every race on the planet guilty? Yes, they are.

Does the US need to enact some policies to lower fatalities and use of unnecessary force by the police in the US? Yes, and we all agreed on this before people started rioting and looting. Are there times when police are allowed and completely justified in shooting and killing someone? Yes, absolutely.

Stop believing the fear, hate and lies you are being fed by the media and Democrats.


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