Americans have got to stop being led like puppets by wealthy elitists.

I read an article in DW by Sam Baker. I like her and she has some good points, however, she showed her white elitist view on America. She went to a private school. She did grow up as a member of the white privileged. She does benefit from white privilege. Except I would argue that it isn’t white privilege, it’s wealthy elitist privilege. Look at our politicians and Hollywood stars lecturing America from their walled and gated communities with their private armed security guards. Wealthy people from every race. The average white American does NOT share her privileges. Get that straight. Most of white America reads her view from her bubble the same as any other race. You are clueless. You are one of the pervading reasons why Trump won the last election and Hillary did not. All of America has had enough of Hollywood, elitist journalists, elitist politicians, and the wealthy elite lecturing us on how we should live our lives. We don’t care what the elitist media, Hollywood, and politicians believe. You are arrogant. You need to leave your bubbles before we burst them again. Trump is not representing the wealthy elitists and playing by their playbook. He is a threat to the elitist status quo. Before the new coronavirus was unleashed upon the world, we were making progress towards returning jobs to the working class. We had the lowest unemployment rate in history. Black America had the highest employment rate in history. Trump was changing trade deals back into our favor instead of letting elitist American’s ride the backs of the middle and working class. I’m done with the whole white economic privilege lie. It’s only the elitists who have white privilege. The rest of us privileged white people aren’t any better off than any other race of people. Get it right. Being governed by elitists in their fancy gated neighborhoods needs to end. You aren’t representing Americans of any race. You are only representing yourselves and your own economic/elitist interests. Regardless of what the US media is showing the world on the news, I can’t find one singe person who doesn’t agree those four officers in Minneapolis need to go to jail, be tried, and sentenced to the full extent of the law. Most of us agree, including many police officers, that police should and need to be able to police themselves and rid their departments of officers who have gone off the rails. Most of us agree there are individual police officers who have been protected from completely unacceptable behavior by our current system. Most of us agree changes need made now. Changes should have been made long ago. People of every race agree on all of these things.

The wealthy elitists need to shut the hell up about white privilege. That’s your wealth giving you those privileges not your skin color. The rest of us white people have had enough of you even more so than black people.

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