We are all the same in the eyes of God

For 8 years, Obama stirred the pot and deepened the racial divide. For 8 years, we constantly heard white privilege. Last time I checked, there were plenty of white kids who couldn’t afford food, housing and education. White people living on the streets and in homeless shelters are not privileged. But hey, continue with your racism. Obama is one of the biggest racists on the planet. Even more ridiculous are white people screaming white priveledge. You don’t lift any community up and resolve bad situations by encouraging hate.

I’ve never gotten a job because I am white. I’ve never gotten a loan because I’m white. My education wasn’t free. I don’t have free health insurance. Last time I checked, white people get bank foreclosures, evictions and fired from their jobs. White people get their businesses closed down. White people get murdered and their houses robbed. White people get their vehicles repossessed. Stop confusing advantages of wealthy elitists with the rest of white society. Stop apologizing for being whatever race God made you. We are all the same.


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