CoVid-19 was beat up, lit on fire and killed by rioting in America. Screw your possible vaccine.

America had already landed a serious blow to Rona fear over the past month as people crowded state parks, lakes, gathered for neighborhood barbecues in people’s yards, and reopened in middle America. Have we seen huge outbreaks and people who are actually sick? Nope. There have been higher numbers of positive cases just from testing but not a big increase in people who are actually sick. Lots of asymptomatic cases found as testing has been increased. Why do you care if you have a virus that doesn’t make you sick and your body fights it off without your even knowing it happened. That’s 99 percent of the cases in America.

So………we have had people out in just about every large city across the US protesting, demonstrating and rioting. OMG there have been complete strangers hugging each other and shaking hands. Most people out there are not wearing masks unless it’s to cover their identity while they riot. There have been complete strangers beating the snot out of each other. They’re exchanging blood. No doubt, there will be a huge push for testing and there will be many positive cases. No doubt, the majority will be asymptomatic. That virus is dangerous for the elderly and certain people with underlying conditions. It’s no more dangerous than many other viruses for the rest of the population. We were told in my area that everyone gathering at people’s houses, in yards, at lakes, and at state parks over the last month was going to cause a huge outbreak. Yeah, still only one case in the county I work and one case in the county I live. All kinds of out of state people have been gathering with our local population at lakes and state parks. Um…. nothing. Sorry. In the next couple of weeks, we will see if the riots ended this panic nation wide. That maybe one huge positive that comes out of all of this mess. If not, well, I guess all the rioters will be taking a break when they become ill. Life has a way of working itself out in one way or another. The truth of situations always eventually reveals itself.


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