America has a path to choose. One of hate and division or one of unity and progress.

I have posted quite a bit on here about various rights Americans are guaranteed in the US Constitution and about teaching our one shared American history in its entirety. I believe in our constitution and it’s ability to allow for progress, growth, and changes as our country changes. I believe in all of our rights. I believe our rights came from God and not man. God loves everyone the same. Period. I believe in teaching American history in its entirety for two reasons. Number one, it is all of our shared history and we should know and understand our country’s history including the good and the bad. Number two, anyone who learns American history in its entirety understands that the initial rights in the constitution were for white men. The rest of us had to slowly gain ours over time and through a whole lot of bad. That’s reality like it or not. Women and other races did not have the rights bestowed on white men. Argue all you like, you’re dead wrong. I’ll show you the laws at the time. I’ll show you when laws were passed when women and other races were allowed to own property, vote, and be educated. There were individual exceptions throughout our history. The fact is, in that time period, that was the norm throughout the entire world. Our citizens gained more rights overnight when the constitution was written than anyplace else in the world at the time. That says a lot about the white men who wrote our constitution. They guaranteed all of us freedoms and rights most of the rest of the world still do not have. They were extremely progressive forward thinking men for their time. White men bled, fought and died for women’s as well as other races’ rights throughout history. That says a lot about our white men in America. As you read our shared history, you can easily see the progress our country has made towards equality for every single individual citizen in our country. The progress includes some real ugliness and human atrocities. But we have made and still continue to make progress every single day. Until now.

All of America was horrified by George Floyd’s murder. I don’t care that there isn’t a conviction yet. I can’t watch that video and call it anything other than murder. All of America was on board with the arrest and prosecution of those officers. Peaceful demonstrations and protests, I support without exception. You have that right. Use it.

However, you don’t have the right to riot, vandalize and murder because you are angry. You do not have the right to destroy other people’s lives and livelihoods. I watched a video of a shop owner in Dallas, TX today being beat into critical condition by rioters. He probably will die or at the least have permanent injuries and brain damage. The rioting is spreading hate. Nothing more. It’s not showing how powerful you are. It’s not showing anyone how scared they should be of you. It’s not showing how fed up you are. It’s showing the world that you are filled with so much hatred that you care about no one but yourself. You’re a hateful criminal. How does that make anyone empathetic to your cause? What even is your cause? You hate white people? What is your message? You hate black business owners? You’re destroying their businesses. George Floyd’s family is asking you to stop out of respect for him. Black people all across the country have asked you to stop. Who are you even representing other than yourself? How are you making progress? You aren’t, unless your goal is to start a civil or race war. It appears that is your goal. That makes you domestic terrorists.

I am almost beyond words as I read uneducated posts and memes all over the internet asking what rioting hurts. Seriously?

The rioting is to the point in the US that we are not going to have a choice but to send in the military. Personally, I think that already should have happened in several cities. How do you think that’s going to end? Not well for the rioters. The only possible goal you could have by pushing this so far and so destructively is a race war. You are choosing a path that will undo every bit of progress the black community has made. You are choosing a path that will literally cause racism on both sides. You are choosing evil.

Peaceful demonstrations that add awareness or throw out new ideas are what we need. I heard a speech in Atlanta where they were asking for oversight committees of police officers. Committees who could respond to complaints against out of control police officers and take direct and immediate action. Police officers themselves are able to lodge complaints against other officers with an oversite committee without fear of retaliation. We need to be careful not to hamstring good officers where they aren’t able to do their job effectively or put their life unnecessarily at risk. These are the things that need to happen in our country. Constructive and positive actions to unify and better our country.

Choose your path wisely America. We are on the brink of the point of not return. We are better than this.

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