Go after the people who are funding terrorist groups such as ANTIFA. Confiscate the money. Arrest terrorists for federal crimes.

Most of America can see ANTIFA is leading the riots throughout the US. Most of America can see where this road is leading. There isn’t going to be any choice but to call in the military if rioting and destruction continues. There will be more blood in the streets and a civil war if this is allowed to continue. There has already been blood in the streets. ANTIFA was deemed a terrorist organization in 2016. Why are they being allowed to turn peaceful protesting and demonstrating into riots and destruction? Can we not track the money, confiscate the money, and throw some of it’s leaders in jail? It is a federal crime to cross state lines with the intent to engage in violent behavior. Arrest the bused in rioters and charge them with federal crimes.

I watched an activist’s speech this morning. She said they will not stop until every police officer has been arrested. I believe she was referring to officers who have overstepped their authority and caused harm or death to black citizens and not actually every officer in the US. Ok, that isn’t even possible. In the US, you are innocent until proven guilty. You cannot go arrest and charge people without proof. Every one of the officers? Where is your list of names and proof? I am not saying we don’t have a problem with excessive force in the US. We do. I am not saying there aren’t officers who should have been charged but were not. I am saying that an unspecified list of names isn’t doable. How would one go about charging unknown people? We aren’t going to go arrest an officer because you burned down a building. We should arrest you for burning down the building. I understand her sentiment, but it’s not realistic. I’ve watched several activists speak. Here is my takeaway. Every speech is designed to instill anger, fear, and endless rioting and destruction. There isn’t a doable goal to make them stop. That tells me the goal is not what they are leading people to believe. The goal is anarchy and the destruction of our cities and social structure. I am talking about the paid activists not people demonstrating and asking for the four policemen to all be charged in George Floyd’s death.

I see two groups of people on the streets. The peaceful demonstrators and protesters who want to be heard, enact change, and move towards a common good. They have every legal right and moral justification to be there. Then there are the ANTIFA led riots. The problem is the people who want to better our country are being mixed in and some are being led by groups like ANTIFA or ANTIFA itself. These two groups of people do not have the same goals or intentions. The far left wants a complete government change and the removal of our constitution. They are using black people in order to bring about anarchy and a possible civil war in order to accomplish their goals. They have already laid the ground work with the coronavirus lockdowns and removal of rights in Democrat held states and areas. Trump is the only thing standing in their way. We cannot allow Trump to lose the November election. We cannot allow these riots to continue for very long and destroy our country. Stop being used as pawns. Stop rioting and destroying businesses and property. If you want legitimate change for the better, do not engage in criminal activity.

To be blunt, I am pissed off as hell at the rioters. I have a mixed race son to raise. You are making my job as a parent more difficult and his life more difficult. YOU are the problem. Right now, I’m thankful that we live in rural America where your rioting and looting simply will not be tolerated regardless of the color of your skin. We are not interested in your criminal activities.

It’s time to call in the national guard and get this under control throughout our country. Minneapolis is finally activating the national guard today in their city. As long as there are paid rioters crossing state lines with the intent to destroy lives and property, the national guard needs activated anywhere these people go. They are committing a federal crime. Arrest them and charge them with federal crimes. I call open season on this crap.


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