Black people are better at rioting than white people. Is 2020 over yet?

Stop it with the riots and looting. It’s self destructive and only damaging your argument. We are all on board with the four police officers being fired in Minneapolis. Most of us would like to see all four of them charged. One was charged today with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter. I think everyone is in agreement your anger is justified. Excessive force used by officers needs to end. I am not hearing any argument there. George Floyd’s own family is asking for the riots to end. Respect his family’s wishes.

Destroying your own neighborhoods is ridiculous. You are destroying your places of employment. You are destroying people’s lives and privately owned businesses. People who are on your side and agree with your anger. People who feel and share your anger. People who are your friends and neighbors. Some of these areas will never be rebuilt. Congratulations, you all get to move now. You don’t even have a place to buy food and toilet paper. What are you thinking? I understand you are angry and need an outlet for your anger. You need to be heard and things need to change. This is not the way.

But wait self righteous white people, you too riot and destroy. Google sports and rioting in the US. How many riots have happened after your team lost? Well, you’re even dumber than the people you are calling stupid for rioting right now. You riot over a sports team and your riots aren’t nearly as large, destructive or long in duration. But they are riots and senseless acts of destruction merely because you are angry. The behavior is the same. White people riot too. White people have rioted on universities. White people riot over some stupid shit. White people loot after natural disasters. We are not as perfect as we like to present ourselves. We just aren’t as good at rioting as black people are. Probably because the level of anger isn’t there. The level of anger hasn’t built up over generations.

Rioting is never the answer or solution but only a means of instant gratification and an outlet to show how angry you are to the world. I completely back peaceful demonstrations, marches, and lobbying in DC. Those are very different things than rioting and bring awareness of the situation to the general public. Awareness and positive change need to be our goals. Bringing people together for better solutions to our problems needs to be our goal as well. End the divisive behaviors.

Not all white people riot and loot.

Not all black people riot and loot.

Not all officers are bad.

Not all officers are good.

We are all just people.


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