“You are raising him white” Further observations of racism and prejudice in America.

My son is mixed race. Since he has been born, I have heard a litany of ridiculous comments from people. The one I find most dumbfounding is “You are raising him white.” I have heard this comment from white people in various places. Usually accompanied by white people are not racist. Usually preceded by the words “At least” or “Well”. I’ve never heard this comment from a black person. The very phrase embodies the definition of racism.

Here is a description of the average person’s beliefs and behaviors who utters this ridiculous nonsense:

  • He should have short hair as in a burr like the military or skinhead. Personally, I hate that haircut unless you are in the military or are going bald.
  • He should only be taught white history. Where he comes from on his dad’s side of the family shouldn’t be taught. African American history should not be taught. They usually deny there is such a thing as African American history.
  • Black kids aren’t ever discriminated against instead they are just using it as an excuse for bad behavior.
  • It is the black kid’s fault or influence if anything negative happens.
  • He shouldn’t be taught black culture.
  • He should dress in traditional white people’s clothes. Subdued colors, white themed shirts, or jackets and coats. An example of what not to wear, is the scarf black people wear around their neck that can be pulled up over their ears, mouth and nose. It’s often worn with a hoodie. White people are dumb on this one. Those things are comfortable and keep your face warm. Obviously, if you’re going to a job interview, you should dress appropriately for the job and the image that employer wants to project. My son is ten and not going to a job interview.
  • Music should be traditional white people music and not include rap or hip hop.
  • Mention the word racist and this person will literally start screaming that racism does not exist in an obviously defensive manner. If we deny it, then it isn’t real and doesn’t need to be changed or addressed.

To summarize, they want your kid to look and act white. As I said, the very embodiment of racism.

The most infuriating aspect of “you are raising him white” is the unspoken. The insinuation of morals, values, religion, education etc. being taught in white culture and not taught in black culture. The insinuation that black people are less than white people. White people really do not realize how much racism and prejudice remains in America. I did not realize until I had a mixed race son. It’s been enlightening and not in a good way. We have a long ways to go.

As for the history of the US, it should be taught accurately and in it’s entirety. Initially, white men were given rights. Everyone else gained their rights later. Women and immigrants gaining their rights and their place in society should be taught as part of US history. There is only one history of the US. Why don’t we teach all of history and not just white male history? It’s ALL our history as a country.


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