To wear or not to wear a mask.

Unless you are wearing an N95 or it’s counterpart and they were fitted to your face, your mask is not a respirator. If you went and bought an N95 mask and have not had the fit checked for a good seal on your face, it is not preventing the spread of germs. It may or may not be sealed. The N95 mask will not seal on my face. I have to use the alternative option. Your cloth mask is not preventing germs from going through or around the cloth in either direction. It prevents you from spitting on someone when you talk or cough. That’s about all it does. A sneeze has enough force to blow right through a cloth mask. On the negative, germs build up inside your mask from moisture, you breath too high a level of CO2 and you fiddle with your mask and face while you’re wearing it. Spit doesn’t usually travel more than six feet. I am a farm girl. I’ve had spitting contests as a child with boys. I’ve even entered watermelon seed spitting contests. That is fun. Yes, you can spit a seed further than six feet with a little practice. Hmmm… why the push for mask wearing?

If you’re in enclosed areas where people come into close contact with you, then they make sense. Not everyone covers their mouth when they cough and we’ve all had conversations with “spitters”. If you are social distancing and six feet apart? Why are you wearing a mask? Tiny droplets are going through your mask. They are in the air. Your cloth mask isn’t stopping the virus from being in droplets in the air. Maybe it’s reducing the number if there are large groups of people. Maybe not.

Again, why the push for masks? Fear. They keep the spread of fear and awareness of the virus present at all times. They keep people isolated and apart. The only true effectiveness of a cloth mask, especially outdoors, is to keep the fear going. It’s a constant reminder that we don’t know who could be spreading the virus while asymptomatic. We fear and distrust each other. We isolate ourselves from others. If you are at high risk, you need to isolate yourself and get an actual respirator you have been fitted for while you are out in the public. If you are positive and have to leave your house, you need an actual respirator you have been fitted for while you are out in public. The average person should not be wearing a mask on a regular basis. You’re damaging your own health.

The CDC has recommended that when schools reopen everyone should be required to wear a mask. Nope. I will homeschool my son before he spends an entire day each day wearing a mask. The CDC does not have the option of ruining my child’s health. Grade school kids in masks all day? That is the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever heard. Have you been around a grade school kid at all ever? There are teachers out there who will literally have kids passing out in their classrooms and on playgrounds. Kids are not even a risk group for getting sick but the CDC is determined to make them sick or kill them. I’m done with the stupid. I’ll put a mask on myself and my son if we get on an airplane or some other high risk activity. I’ll put a mask on my son or myself if we are around people who are in a high risk group and may not be able to socially distance themselves from us. I won’t put a mask on either one of us to further the spread of fear and isolate people.

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