I don’t believe in this world. My technicolor dream.

When I don’t feel well or am thinking about a problem before drifting off to sleep, I often have technicolor dreams. I just woke up from a two hour nap and decided to share while this one is still fresh in my mind.

I Don’t Believe in this World

I was sitting in my livingroom in my recliner. A new science fiction series had just begun. I decided to watch it because it looked interesting even though I knew nothing about the show. It was randomly selected out of boredom. The show started with a random couple living in a home in an unknown location. The city around their house was completely devastated although it had obviously once been a beautiful city. The couple’s home was damaged but still standing. The scene goes from outside the house looking into a window of the couple in their bed to a zoom in shot of the husband kissing his wife as she drifts off to sleep. The shot zooms in just to his face where he smiles and whispers, I don’t believe in this world. The show jumps to the next scene of a woman in a poverty stricken country surrounded by sickness. She too is putting her children to bed while smiling and telling them it’s ok. I don’t believe in this world. Next scene is a view of a person in a large city whose family was just murdered. As he is drifting off to sleep, he is looking directly into the camera with a smile saying I don’t believe in this world. Then on to the next scene as an artist is working on a dramatic horror filled painting in her flat. She is putting up her paints and smiling while looking at her incredible painting and says I don’t believe in this world. This continues through several other scenes throughout the world. All are dire scenes but the person is filled with peace and belief that this world they are currently living in will end and change merely by their belief. Every person is filled with a spirit of life and clearly connected to every other person in every other scene. The premise to the show is how the viewer discovers the connection between all the people throughout the world and how everything is going to change for the better. There is an obvious magic, spiritual belief, and something unknown getting ready to change their lives.

I woke up feeling amazingly refreshed and at peace. That’s a good feeling after a technicolor dream. I sometimes have technicolor nightmares when my brain is working on a problem I can’t see my way out of in my sleep. Yes, my brain does work through dreams often. I know that may sound strange, but I’ve always done this. My son has technicolor dreams too.

This is what I remembered or realized and why I am sharing my technicolor dream. We all have what I am referring to in this post as the human spirit. To some, that spirit is spoken through in the capacity of their religion, faith or belief system. It doesn’t matter where it comes from in the context of this post. The point is that we are all connected by the human spirit. We all want a better life for our kids. We all have dreams to which we aspire. We all are born with what some refer to as a spark. It’s the interconnectedness and spirit that bring humanity through the darkest hours in history. The human spirit and the connectedness people normally have are being broken by our worldwide response to the CoVid-19 virus. Healthy people are not meant or supposed to be locked inside and shut off from the world. It lowers our immune system. It prevents attaining a possible herd immunity. It lowers our will to fight and enjoy life. It isn’t what we are meant to do. You can see this in the news worldwide. We are not handling this outbreak in a successful and healthy way. There is a vast difference in a temporary lockdown in a heavily infected area and locking down healthy people who are not threatened anymore by this virus than by many other illnesses or accidents. When we squash the interconnectedness of people, we squash the human spirit itself. We are making our society ill with long lasting effects. We should be focusing on the people who are fairly immune such as children, people who have recovered, uplifting stories of survivals, how quickly we can reopen, and aspects that will cure the human spirit. The scare tactics of the media and governments have got to end. We all know we need to protect the vulnerable. We don’t all understand that we are killing the people who are not necessarily vulnerable to or who will recover from this virus.

This fight in the US is being pushed as a democrat vs republican agenda. The democrats appear to be pushing long term socialism or communism and of course taking down Trump. The republicans appear to be pushing for the economy and human rights. Yes, there is a political agenda. It’s the fight for the freedom and health of the human spirit as much as it is about the fight for the economy. Unfortunately, the economy plays a huge roll in the health of the human spirit in the US as well as other countries. People have worked their entire lives for their homes and businesses. When you close their business and steal their spirit, you have inflicted long term damage. When you remove freedoms people bled and died for, you inflict damage to the human spirit. If the media and governments do not change course soon, the human spirit will rise throughout the world in loud and violent ways if necessary. It’s what the human spirit will do in order to survive. Wake up world, we are on the wrong path.

In the context outside of CoVid-19, my technicolor dream also has relevance to the human spirit. We are all put on a path in life. When we stray from our path and do not make choices placing us where we are supposed to be, we often feel as if the entire world is working against us. We can get on the wrong path through the following: being scared to take risks, doing what others tell or expect us to do, not listening to our inner voice, or not listening to the balance of our own fears which can keep us safe or prevent us from flying. If your life isn’t where you want it to be and you aren’t making progress, you probably are not on the right path. Listen to your inner spirit and ignore the world. Return to the path you are supposed to be following. Stop believing in the your world. Believe in the world you envision.


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