The Health of the US. Reopen our country.

When you as an individual go to the doctor for an illness, a good doctor already knows you have bills to pay and responsibilities beyond that illness. A good doctor will treat your health and well being in its entirety which includes mental health which includes your ability to take care of yourself and your family. A good doctor will tell you to stay home while you are contagious and how to prevent the spread of your illness if it’s contagious. A good doctor will tell you how to prevent yourself from catching an illness from other people if you have a compromised immune system. It’s on you as the individual as to your choices and how you proceed. If you are a chemotherapy patient, we don’t shutdown the town for you. We shouldn’t go visit you if we are sick etc and you shouldn’t allow us to. The coronavirus is no different. Our approach should be no different as long as our healthcare system isn’t overburdened to where they cannot handle the caseload. I agreed with flattening the curve. I agreed with taking precautions and shutting down a specific area where there’s a big outbreak. It’s now time to reopen the country. Treat the well being and health of the entire country as a whole instead of just one aspect. We are doing a disservice to our healthy young people by denying them an education. We are doing a disservice to all of our futures by allowing people’s ability to provide for themselves and their families to disappear via bankruptcies, foreclosures and growing debt. We didn’t fight for our freedoms in previous wars just to hand them back to the government because of a virus that isn’t that dangerous for 99 percent of the population. We are killing people and their futures daily if we continue on our current course. It’s not the virus killing us, it’s our government policies. It’s going to take years to recover economically from the damage that’s already been done. We cannot just print money and hand it out. We will be a third world country with no healthcare, jobs or food if we continue. This isn’t sustainable and realistically there may NEVER be a vaccine. Deal with reality.


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