Mother’s Day on Sunday and my dad’s birthday on Saturday.

My dad turns 84 this Saturday. Mother’s Day is Sunday. Their 60th wedding anniversary is July 23rd. There will be no social distancing going on for my son and I this weekend. My son has been no where around people except for the local small grocery store and convenience store here in town. Dad has been going to the grocery store for my mom since the Rona scare has begun. Dad has been out helping my brothers with their farm work. Mom has been out a few times, but has tried to mainly stay home. Mom is 83. Yes, my son and I will be going to visit my parents this weekend to celebrate dad’s birthday and mother’s day. That’s why we are alive. We should be celebrating life and the short time we are here on this earth instead of hiding from life. It’s important for my 10 year old son to spend time with his grandparents while they are still around. It’s important for my parents to see and spend time with my son and I.

I bought a pig from a local high school kid a couple of weeks ago. My dad and I took the pig to the local meat locker here in town to be processed. I am hoping that my pig is done tomorrow as I told my parents they are getting part of the meat for dad’s birthday and mother’s day. “Piggy” was around 300-350 pounds and had been grain fed for a couple of weeks before I bought him. “Piggy” should dress out to a good amount of fresh local meat. “Piggy’s” processing order included cured ham, bacon, bratwurst, sausage, chops, steaks, roasts, ribs etc. My son is impatiently waiting on the cured ham and bacon. I know the hams were cured a couple of days ago so it should be packaged, frozen, and ready for pick up tomorrow. If “Piggy” is ready, we will either be having a ham or ribs and a family dinner. Go away Rona, you aren’t invited to the shindig.


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