Reopen the country while we still have one to open.

Privately owned smaller businesses are out of money. Out of money to feed themselves, their families, and their employees. Our hospitals are not anywhere near full or overwhelmed. Even my far left liberal friends are seeing the folly in the media scare tactics. No one believes the published numbers. NO ONE! The country is raging at politicians, the CDC, power hungry law enforcement police state tactics, power hungry state governors, and billionaires who are currently making exorbitant amounts of money or setting themselves up to make exorbitant amounts of money. The middle class will be gone when this pandemic is over. Small businesses will be gone. The large corporations owned and controlled by a handful of people will own everything. We are reaching the breaking point at the outright lies and scare tactics the media is selling. Most Americans are not willing to lose everything they own and have worked for their entire lives because mitigating a virus supersedes our lives. Yes, it’s contradictory. It’s irrational. That’s why the country is raging. The current steps to control the virus are not effective. People are being denied tests in areas where they know they will come back positive such as Texas County, OK, where there are meat plants. Places like NYC and California are showing high percentages of people who have been sheltering at home with antibodies for the virus. OBVIOUSLY we aren’t stopping the spread of the virus nor are we slowing down the virus. NYC also has shown that the majority of positive cases are people who have sheltered at home. Grocery store workers are fine. Truck drivers are fine. Convenience store workers are fine…… We know from previous pandemics that being outdoors and being regularly exposed to viruses and bacteria raise our immune systems. Staying indoors weakens our immune systems. Everything we are doing is contrary to logic and common sense. I’m sorry, but clearly there is an agenda in play. Occam’s Razor, the simplest explanation is usually correct.

A 27 year old Coronavirus research doctor was shot and killed in Pittsburgh. He was reportedly close to making significant findings with his department at the University of Pittsburgh. Should we expect to see more mysterious deaths as this progresses?

If the US does not reopen very quickly, civil unrest is going to get ugly. People are awakening as to what has been happening in our country. People from both sides of the political aisle. That is good. If you took out the media and politicians, our country would quickly mend its differences.

It would be different if our numbers in comparison to our population warranted the current measures being taken. It would be different if anyone even believed the published numbers. It would be different if people weren’t being denied testing. It would be different if the illegal measures taken by state governors were based in reality and reasonable. They are nothing but obvious power grabs by individual state governments and power hungry police officers and swat teams. Why are we not focusing on the segments of our population who are vulnerable to the virus? Why are we not focusing on nursing homes, retirement centers, and enabling immune compromised people to shelter in place and still be provided for? Why are healthy people virtually locked inside their homes in areas? The numbers are showing they’re positive for antibodies so it clearly doesn’t work. All we are doing is eliminating the middle class’s ability to own and operate businesses, homes, and send their kids to college. The middle class does not receive food stamps and is struggling to buy food. The poverty stricken are in dire straights. What is replacing child support checks for single parents? Children aren’t being allowed to even see the noncustodial parent in many cases. Elderly cannot see their family. Lives are being ruined at a much higher rate than the death toll warrants. Reopen the country NOW!


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