Is she datable?

Manipulative women learn early on that most men love to play rescue ranger and they want sex. Strippers, hookers, and porn stars are masters at both and earn a living by manipulating men. The woman who has multiple children with multiple fathers, multiple ex husbands, constantly “in crises”, needs rescued from one abusive relationship after another, needs constant financial assistance, or is always needing emotional support is most likely playing you. The “girl next door” may not be any better, she just has a different approach.

I don’t even know where to begin with how many women I know who bounce from one relationship to the next according to whatever man they can manipulate into giving them what they want. Men are easily manipulated. Men like to be needed and problem solve. Men are suckers for a women in distress. Add a few nude photos and some sex to the I am in distress scenario and men are usually drooling and effectively have a leash around their neck. Do you want a relationship or do you want to be rescue ranger? It’s great that men feel the need and enjoy helping women and children. It’s not great if that’s the sole basis of a relationship. She’s using you. She’s not datable. She will bounce on to the next man as soon as you tell her no or you run out of money. She will already have the next man lined up before she kicks you to the curb.


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