Is he dateable?

We all know that guy who has a different girlfriend every few months. He is “in love” with each and every one, or so he claims. He has a lot of female friends on his social media page. He is over 35. He has never been married or had kids but claims he is looking for a serious relationship and a wife. He is obsessed with his present or past girlfriends cheating on him.

He is a player. Those female friends are all previous girlfriends he keeps around for back up or female friends he might want to date if he can’t find anyone he likes better at the moment. He isn’t looking for a wife or long lasting relationship even if that’s the line he is selling to his family, friends, current and potential girlfriends and possibly himself. This is a guy who doesn’t like to be single but cannot commit. He wants his girlfriends to commit, but he won’t. He might for a few months but rest assured he is still courting all the other women in his life. He may not be dating them, but he is courting them. He is at the bar, strip club, casino, concert, party, sporting event, or whatever activity with women he can find when he isn’t at work or with his current girlfriend. He takes his girlfriends to places where he can show her off as his current trophy. He wants women to pursue him. He likes women with children or jobs which require them to be responsible and have obligations. That gives him free time and it allows him to play the “let me rescue you” card. When he gets tired of his current girlfriend, he is going to start drama so she will dump him. Occasionally, he will be the one to break up if she cheated on him and made him look bad. He will then play the martyr and take zero responsibility for his own relationships. He is on an ego trip. He doesn’t like to be alone. He wants sex at his convenience. That’s easier when you have a girlfriend. Nothing more. You can usually tell when he is between girlfriends by the selfies he posts and the tone of his posts. He will rarely change his status to in a relationship if he is a FB user, and he is a FB and Instagram user. He is a manipulator concerned only with himself, his image, and his needs. No, he is not dateable if you’re looking for a long lasting relationship.

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