Going fishing this weekend…

Once again I am thankful I live in the middle of rural America. My son and I are taking our three fishing poles and going fishing this weekend. We need some outdoor fun time. We will be taking the BB gun and the .22 rifle with us. I am fairly good at catching leather back snapping turtles and the snakes are all out making baby snakes. This is rattlesnake country. NOT interested. The BB gun is for my son for fun. The rifle is for me…..

If you live someplace where you can go outdoors or close enough to drive to a place where you can go outdoors, then go. It’s amazing what being outside will do for your physical and mental health. If you live someplace where biking, skating, hiking, boating, fishing and other outdoor activities where you are able to socially distance are closed, please start writing and calling your local mayor and governor’s offices and push for people to be able to go outdoors. Staying indoors is not healthy.


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