The more I see of Elon Musk, the more I like the guy.

I’ve been on the fence when it comes to Elon Musk. He is a billionaire and big player on the world stage. I am always leery of a billionaire’s motivation, or anyone’s for that matter. Most of the time he is on his own side. He doesn’t pretend that he isn’t on his own side. I respect him for being fearless and speaking his mind. I respect him for being on his own side. I respect him for being vocal about what he believes even when I don’t necessarily agree with him. Business Insider published a story today about what Elon Musk said on a first quarter earnings conference call on Wednesday. He is absolutely correct on everything he says. He was spot on in voicing what the average American is saying and feeling. Of course, he needs Tesla to reopen. He isn’t pretending otherwise. He has also been vocal on Twitter. Keep talking, Elon Musk, maybe you can get our politicians to listen!


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