More people will die needlessly in the US from a disrupted food supply chain than from COVID-19.

Tyson Foods as well as others such as cattle ranchers have been sounding the alarm about the food supply chain being in danger. Tyson Foods’ second largest shareholder is Vanguard. It is based out of Arkansas. Vanguard’s second largest shareholder is Blackrock founded by billionaire Larry Fink. Vanguard is the largest mutual fund issuer in the world. Vanguard is also a military supplier. Blackrock and Vanguard have their hands in corporations all over the world. They’re investment companies. It’s what they do. When the producers and the big money investors are both sounding alarms, people need to wake up and listen.

I can look at the arcgis world map, updated online continuously, by Johns Hopkins University and tell you that in Oklahoma and Kansas the COVID-19 outbreaks are in the meat packing/processing plants in the western parts of those states. South Dakota and Nebraska have both had to shutdown processing plants. Why are we not requiring masks to be worn in these plants? Why are there outbreaks in these plants which are for the most part isolated? Why are we not disinfecting and re-staffing these plants while workers are out because they tested positive for COVID-19? More people will die in the US from a food supply chain breakdown than from the virus itself. We have almost 1 million positive cases in the US, most of whom are symptom free or with mild symptoms. The death rate at this point in the US is no higher than the flu was in the US last year. Over 80,000 people died last year in the US of influenza. We have to reopen our economy in a rational way ASAP and get our food supply chain back up and running. This is not optional if we don’t want a disaster which will last for years. Once the supply chain breaks, it’s not going to be fixed overnight. We already have corn shortages from the flooding last year which prevented harvesting and planting in areas of Nebraska and Iowa as well as other parts of the US. Now farmers are being advised to euthanize their livestock? That is NOT a viable option long-term. How about we stop importing livestock from other countries in order to keep them afloat? People in urban areas are not going to sit at home with no food. That’s ridiculous. States like Michigan have outlawed fishing in lakes, ponds and rivers. You can’t get much more isolated than sitting on a river fishing.

Wake up America before it’s too late.


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