Problem solving requires looking at the negative, whether it is in a personal relationship or a school or work environment.

Natural problem solvers identify negative situations, policies, or practices and hone in on them like a fly to honey. People who cannot deal with conflict immediately start screaming about being positive. They love the phrase “just pray about it”. In other words, please don’t change the status quo because it frightens me. As I said in one of my previous posts, yes, pray about it, but do not let that be an excuse for inaction. I am not condoning focusing on the negative at all times. Yes, we should be positive, but we have to address negative aspects of our lives. Why would anyone not be proactive about making life better? To me, it’s more negative to live in denial and accept things we do not have to accept. I do not have the personality to settle for the status quo if life can be improved. Don’t be scared to make someone face negative situations. Be the person who makes things better. Who cares if someone gets mad? They will get over their anger or they won’t. That is their choice. Be prepared for nasty backlash from people who are benefiting from the current situation either from power, social importance, or greed. Usually, they will show their true face before the situation is over. Unfortunately, these are often the people or person telling you to “just pray about it” as a means to control you. Sometimes, you may have to remove yourself or your children from a current situation while it is either being resolved or if it cannot be resolved. Don’t ever be scared to put your own children before adult conflicts. Do what is right for them whether it is in a personal relationship, work, school, or organization. Do what is right and you have no worries.


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