Why are just pray about it and shut up often used synonymously?

Just pray about it should never be used synonymously with shut up. Just pray about it should never be used as a manipulation to silence and control people. I do believe in prayer.

Too often people who do not wish to change their own behavior or improve a situation will advise others to just pray about it. God doesn’t want you to worry and God is in control usually follow the just pray about it directive. Just pray about it is used to silence people from changing the status quo. Just pray about it coupled with God is in control is often used to keep you from speaking up when you really should be speaking up. There are people who genuinely listen and do not have a resolution or suggestion of their own. They are genuinely counseling you to just pray about it in order to help you. The delivery when it’s a genuine counsel is different than the often beligerant or condescending delivery of just pray about it synonymous with shut your mouth. Be wary of just pray about it as advice. It maybe genuine or it maybe a red flag.


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