Whom to date? Look how someone is behaving during the COVID-19 crises.

One great positive of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has shown most people’s true priorities and personality. People become more of what they already were/are during times of crises. The strong become stronger. The weak become weaker. The selfish become more selfish. The violent and angry become angrier and more violent. The stupid become stupider. Whatever their first priority, it will show itself. Whatever their true motivation, it will show itself.

Although dating someone might not be your priority during the pandemic, if you are interested in someone or meet someone, now is the perfect time to discover how they will behave in a relationship. People who can step up with compassion towards others, handle a crises with calm and rational decisions, listen to others, enjoy time with people they love, and treat their neighbors with respect during a world wide crises will probably treat you the same in a relationship. People who are angry, withdrawn, panicked, looking for someone or something to blame, and only concerned with their individual rights are going to respond the same when your relationship or family has a crises. People are true to their own nature during a crises. Pay attention. You may discover the person you thought you wanted to date is wonderful or maybe not. You may discover someone new who is really shining in their community. Now is the perfect time to discover if someone is dateable.


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