Why has no one asked the obvious question? Is the practice of wearing the hijab slowing the spread of COVID-19 in Muslim areas and countries?

Medical professionals around the world have bounced all over the map about wearing a mask or covering your face in order to prevent or slow the spread of COVID-19. We have gone from don’t wear a mask to you will be fined or jailed if you do not wear a mask. And yet, no one has bothered to look at predominantly Muslim areas and countries where the practice of wearing an hijab is the norm. Scientists have jumped on the prospect of this virus dying in warm climates and hot weather, but they’ve never bothered to consider that it might be something as simple as the hijab slowing the spread. Medical professionals are often not great at pulling their head up and looking around them. They tend to zero in on a set of data or known factors and forget to look around. Normally, that level of obsession is a benefit, but not always.

I’ve read quite a few medical articles hoping for summer and heat to kill or slow the spread of COVID-19. Quite a few of them are basing the slower spread in Muslim countries on their climate. In some countries and areas, half the population normally practices covering every part of their face expect their eyes when in public. Some even have their eyes covered. What is the data in those areas as to spread when compared to areas not wearing maskes? There is the answer as to whether or not masks are effective.

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