President Trump’s COVID-19 address today 04/16/20. The return of hope.

President Trump presented the plan for reopening the US today. He returned a sense of hope and balance to many people’s lives. Yes, it’s going to be a long road, but there is now an official plan with well laid out measures to guide the reopening of our country. This will go a long way towards getting the far right back on board as well as giving the unemployed, people in abusive home situations, or depression a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, it will get the mentality of Live Free or Die back on track to taking care of the nation’s vulnerable as well as themselves. Hopefully, it made them realize that removing people’s rights is not ok with President Trump.

As I have stated before, I support short term shutdowns and quarantines as needed. I support not overwhelming our healthcare system. I support social distancing and common sense measures to control the COVID-19 outbreak. I understand there are people who cannot mentally deal with there even being an actual real virus. The only way they are able to cope is to deny it’s real and search for any conspiracy theory which enables them to sleep at night and to function during the day. The media intentionally causing panic has made everything worse. I also understand there are those who are in a state of panic and scared to leave their homes. The middle ground must take control. The plan to reopen the country should enable sanity to at least somewhat return.

The far left and the mainstream media are going to fight to keep states closed as long as possible. They are taking advantage of a horrible situation to move our country into socialism, communism, one payer healthcare, and globalism. They aren’t going to stop. They will continue to stir up panic. They are pushing an agenda. At least we now have controlled push back that will hopefully help squash social unrest. The far right would let millions die if it put money in their wallet. The religious right is mentally struggling as well. We need balance.

COVID-19 is very real. It is more dangerous than influenza. The US would have more deceased were it not for the sacrifices people have made. Let’s not undo what we have accomplished. Follow the guidelines. How do you say Trump 2020 when he is the one who closed down the country (with the assistance of state leaders), and then say you don’t believe the virus is real or deadly? Denial. That’s the only available answer. Do you really believe that the President of the United States does not have more information at his fingertips than you as a private citizen has? Do you really believe that he would throw our economy into a crash if it weren’t required? I have had Trump supporters tell me that he only closed the country to make people happy. Trump caring about making people happy? You are delusional. Trump has been trying to keep people calm. Trump has been trying to give people hope. That is his job. He isn’t and shouldn’t tell us everything.


2 thoughts on “President Trump’s COVID-19 address today 04/16/20. The return of hope.

    1. Thank you, but I think there isn’t enough money in the world to get me to run for office. There is so much corruption on both sides that I cannot even imagine being surrounded by it day in and day out.


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