Many Americans are to the point of Live Free or Die. Tyranny versus Health Measures.

Most Americans are on board with protecting vulnerable citizens and flattening the Coronavirus curve. Tyranny is not healthcare. Tyranny does not protect citizens in the long or the short term. Healthcare should never be allowed to become tyranny. Healthcare should never be used to advance a tyrannical government.

Governor Whitmer in the State of Michigan experienced first hand today the tip of the iceberg as to how fed up people are with tyranny in the US. She decided to close off parts of stores including gardening and seeds for planting. Did she close off the cookie and candy aisle? No, because those are necessities. Planting and growing food is not a necessity. Being able to go out into your own yard and get fresh air and exercise is not a necessity. She epitomizes government over reach and tyranny. There is an obvious agenda at play in Michigan as well as other areas. In case you missed the news, they had a pretty big turn out at the capital in Michigan today with protestors. Were the protestors social distancing? For the most part, no. The ones in their cars blocking traffic were. When you over reach and start fining or arresting people for laws you just made up that have no basis in reality in order to flaunt your power over the people, the people no longer listen. They go straight to the patriotic mentality of live free or die. Our country was founded by this mind set and it still runs deeply in many American citizen’s veins. The mainstream media, Hollywood, and liberal strongholds do not understand live free or die. They believe they can tell people what to think, believe, and do and the people will obey. It didn’t work in the 2016 presidential election and it’s not working now with tyranny. Outside of their echo chambers, people don’t believe one word they say nor will they blindly follow like sheep into a communist or socialist government. Patriotic Americans will die before they give up their freedom because of a virus.

Personally, the new virus tracking apps can take a flying leap. I won’t ever have one on my phone. It’s becoming clearer by the day that the far left is using Rona as an excuse to eliminate civil liberties/personal rights and to permanently track and control the population. People need to go back to work ASAP. No, we do not want to set off big outbreaks. We do need a workable plan that will minimize risk to public health. Realistically, we cannot totally stop the spread of Rona. She’s out of the bag and not returning. I read an article on Monday that speculated social distancing may last into 2022. Well, it might in liberal strongholds, but it won’t in the rest of the US. We are already done with your brand of crazy hysterics. Pulling people off of a bus and arresting them for not wearing a mask? Arresting people for kayaking in the ocean or putting trash on their own curbs for pickup? Separating people from their families? Nope. That has zero to do with controlling a virus. There is an agenda in play. The resulting push back from US citizens is going to be ugly if this continues. I am glad we are no longer funding W.H.O. Our money is better spent assisting other countries directly. Yes, we need to do what we can to slow the spread of Rona. Doing what we can does not include allowing governors of states and local cities to eliminate personal rights guaranteed by our constitution. Americans have the right to be dumbasses. I don’t think a governor of a state has the right to tell a privately owned store that it cannot sell seed and gardening equipment while maintaining the sale of Oreo cookies as essential. There are going to be lawsuits lasting until the next century if some of our governors do not have a reality check soon. The numbers do not warrant the extreme measures being taken in some areas. The numbers do warrant flattening the curve enough that our healthcare system can handle to load.

OK, maybe the Oreo and chocolate chip cookies are essential, but the rest are not. Producing food is essential. Ensuring physical and mental health is essential. Live Free or Die. Yes, it is that important to many Americans including our elderly and veterans who fought and died for the rights we have. The right to be free. Free from a tyrannical government.

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