Who says sports are over? The far left passed the fiery gauntlet of crazy to the far right. The far right is running it back down the field.

For the past three years, the far left has been in a non stop meltdown. They have melted down over Trump, LBGTQ rights, trans rights, Trump, the me too movement, abortion rights, the electoral college, climate change, Trump, gun control, Trump, free tuition, income equality, 500 or so genders, and of course Trump. Just to name a few.

Along came COVID-19. The far left is silent. They’re social distancing. They are busy following government instructions. They believe in and support a government whom they believe will protect them. The far right is a melted lava flow. The far right distrusts the government. The far right does not like being told what to do by anyone. The far right will immediately insist they have to do whatever it is they’ve been told they cannot do. The far right loves conspiracy theories.

Sports are definately not over. I am not sure who the winner in this game will be. It’s a close game. The media is collectively either denying there is a health crises or creating hysteria depending on their team. The economy seems to be up for grabs. Both teams are trying to claim the economy as a score or player for their side. The players themselves are either social distancing or having a kegger. A few players walked off the field and went fishing or boating. No one is even really talking about the upcoming election in November. The game is on and it’s too close to call.

As for me, if I owned a cabin in the mountains and had a pile of money, that’s where my son and I would be. We would be up in the private box at the stadium watching the show. It would also have a negative air flow system. Anyone entering the box would have at least a 21 day quarantine period. I would spray people with Lysol as they enter even after the 21 day quarantine. I am not interested in catching COVID-19.


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