Reopening the US Economy. Giving people hope and a plan without reigniting another COVID-19 outbreak.

I read today where California, Oregon, and Washington are planning to coordinate their efforts with a plan to gradually reopen their economies when the time is right. This is what I was talking about in my last post when I was referring to an exit plan on quarantines and shelter in place orders etc. I am very happy to see they are working together. We cannot have 50 different plans for 50 different states without setting off another outbreak. No, we are not quite there yet in most areas of the country. Rona is really just now reaching the area in which I live. There is one case in the county and state I live in and 1 case in the county and state where I work. It’s just getting started here. The problem here is that because there haven’t been cases, people are really tired of social distancing and most don’t truly understand the severity of this virus. Many of our US citizens are fed up with what they consider government over reach and clear violations of our US Constitution. Clear plans and measures to reopen gradually help refocus fear and panic into a positive outlook. It doesn’t matter if the plan takes affect at an unknown time as long as there is some type of measure or indicator so they can look at it and see progress towards it. It’s called giving people hope. Hope and a plan are better than civil unrest or throwing our hands up and saying we can’t slow down the virus so let’s just reopen the country. I hope other states cooperate with neighboring states when it’s time to reopen the economy. I hope we do a better job of moving resources such as food safely into people’s hands. I hope we come up with a plan to treat current non COVID-19 patients. Some treatments such as chemotherapy can’t wait. I hope……..


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