We need a clear exit strategy in the USA for COVID-19 shutdowns. The population of the USA is 330,580,185. We have hospitals currently closed because they are EMPTY!

  • Us population 330,580,185
  • Total COVID-19 cases 503,500 Deaths 18,860
  • New York City population 8,175,133 Cases: 98,308 Deaths: 6,367
  • Brooklyn population 2,300,664
  • Queens population 2,272,771
  • The Bronx population 1,385,108
  • Manhattan population 1,487,536

The above data came from arcgis.com and worldometer.

Throughout the midwestern states there are hospitals who are not performing needed regular surgeries and procedures. Some of them are closed because they have been designated for COVID-19 cases. They don’t have any cases but needed regular treatments and surgeries are not being performed. Medical workers in Tulsa, OK are working under reduced pay or furloughed. MEDICAL WORKERS!!! One hospital in Oklahoma City, OK is currently closed until they are needed for COVID-19 or the shelter in place and quarantines are over. What are we doing? It’s certainly NOT saving lives. Last year’s influenza season killed 80,000 Americans. As much as I hate comparing these two illnesses, I don’t have a choice here. We close a school or business for a length of time regularly to let influenza run its course. At some point, the nation must be reopened. The quarantined or “shelter in place” areas will be reopened. Anyone who hasn’t been exposed to COVID-19 will be exposed at that point. We are NOT stopping the spread. Yes, we are slowing it down, but to what end? To flatten the curve so we can have one or two more spikes and seasons which will ultimately kill the same number of people who would have died if we had let the virus run it’s natural course? If our hospitals are in danger of being over run, then yes, we need to quarantine and mitigate. If not, then we might be better off just going back to work while maintaining as much social distance as possible. Or at least look at reopening businesses who could feasibly maintain a moderate social distancing strategy. What is the plan for when the big areas in the US are on the downhill side of the curve? The virus is in every state in the US. The Midwest is doing a good job of slowing the spread but it’s still spreading. We will never be able to test every US citizen for the virus. If we did get everyone tested, we would have to start over and see who had been exposed since they were tested the first time. We have too many people to test everyone in a short enough time span for the results to be anything but meaningless.

My point is that our current mitigation strategy has no end or long term plan. That’s dangerous to our economy and our citizens’ mental health and well being. Everyone assumes there will be a vaccine by next year. How is that vaccine working out on the HIV virus? Just anyday now? Realistically, we can’t always find a vaccine.

Do I want to catch Rona? No. Do I think we have done a fairly good job up until this point to control the spread of Rona? Yes. Do we need to take extra precautions for the vulnerable members of our society? Yes. Nonetheless, Rona continues to spread even in the Midwestern states. People are beyond fed up with government over reach. Tedros and his ridiculous comment of possibly needing to go into people’s homes in the future and remove family members was beyond acceptable . There will be gunfire in the US if that idiot tries that here. We are already on the brink of violence in many urban areas with local police getting out of control due to their local officials’ instructions.

I also question how contagious is Rona? The percentage of people in NYC having the virus is really pretty low. I understand that mitigation has helped reduce the infection rate. When does it end and what is the exit strategy? It’s time to hear the plan.

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