Fresh air and sunshine are an integral part of remaining healthy and recovering from sickness.

During the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918, healthcare workers discovered more patients recovered when exposed to sunlight and fresh air. In addition, patients recovered more quickly. We now know that sunlight helps the body produce and use vitamin D as well as boost our immune system. Fresh air as opposed to breathing virus contaminated air can only be a positive. Patients were taken outside on gurneys during the Spanish Flu Pandemic because the difference in recovery was so dramatic.

All over the world stories are coming out with examples of local law enforcement or government preventing people from even being outside in their own yards. Everything we know about staying healthy and recovering after an illness tells us this is dead wrong. Everything we know about human rights tells us this is dead wrong. At some point, we may be required as humans to stand up and say enough. Go outside. Get fresh air, sunlight and exercise. It will help you stay mentally and physically healthy. Maintain social distancing. Use common sense.


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