COVID-19 and climate change. The vindication of the American Cattle Rancher.

Has everyone been enjoying seeing the online pictures of pollution clearing up throughout the world? There are some amazing pictures of the Himalayas and the canals in Italy. Los Angeles, California is seeing a beautiful sky for the first time in decades.

Cattle have not been quarantined. Cattle are probably enjoying the cleaner air since people have stopped acting like fools. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would blame COVID-19 on a rebellious bull who had enough of humans. The methane level in the air today, even before COVID-19, isn’t as high as it was in the time of the dinosaurs. Apparently, dinosaurs were gassy. Cattle are not the cause of climate change. Any rancher knows this beyond a doubt. Cattle reintroduce nutrients back into the soil. Cattle eat vegetation that provides no benefit to the air or the soil while converting it into food for humans and nutrients the soil can use. Cattle provide more benefit to land than detriment caused by methane farts.

Anyone or organization who tries to remove a natural food source either plant or animal, and substitute lab grown food full of hormones should be seriously questioned. There is no good motivation to do so. The world is capable of naturally producing enough safe food to feed every last human living today. We have starvation because we aren’t distributing food into areas needing food. We aren’t teaching people how to raise food and providing them the tools to do so. Lab grown, hormone filled, gunk is not food. It’s not safe. It’s not the solution.

We do need to clean up pollution. We are poisoning our water, soil, and air. Protesting and leaving your garbage in the street is contributing. Flying around the world in your private jet to get accolades is contributing. One use plastic should be illegal. Trees are a renewable resource if managed properly. How about wood furniture built with reclaimed or renewable wood instead of plastic throw away garbage? How about putting the same restrictions on car exhaust as you do on semi and farm equipment? Semis release fewer pollutants than cars. Cars really are a problem. Electrical cars? More pollutants are used to produce electricity than what a traditional car puts off in its exhaust. That’s another Ponzi scheme right there. If you can build an electric car that recharges itself while running, you might come out ahead. Some of the hybrids that lower fuel consumption are pretty good. At least they’re an improvement and a step in the right direction.

I grew up in the 1980s when Al Gore was saying the icebergs would be melted by now. Mostly, what we hear about climate change is garbage. The climate has always and will always be changing. Instead of focusing on that ridiculous argument, how about focusing on the real problem? We are poisoning our planet to the extent our air, soil and water are affected globally. If we fell into an alternate reality where climate stayed the same forever, poisoned soil, water, and air are still the problem.

Cows are not a problem. Cows have never been a problem. Unless they are standing in the middle of the road. A cow in the middle of the road is definitely a problem. It was probably the relative of a cow killed in the middle of the road by an oncoming vehicle, who developed the COVID-19 virus. That’s as viable an argument as some of the other nonsense floating around on the internet.


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