The United Nations in it’s entirety needs defunded by the US, not just the World Health Organization

Let’s be clear. I am a nationalist. I am a capitalist. You can keep your socialism, communism, and dictators. If the Rona virus has proven one thing, it’s that global dependency is not good for individual citizens in individual countries. The United Nations was never set up to be a ruling world government. It was set up so that individual countries could come to the table and negotiate peace and well being for individual member countries. It was set up so that member countries could unite if one country or leader became a threat to the world. At some point, the United Nations decided it’s a government dictating to the world including the US. The UN resides in a big building in New York. The US funds 22-28 percent of the UN. Does the UN have US interests at heart? No, it does not. It has a socialist, world government interest as it’s foremost agenda. It wants to be the governing force of the world but it wants the US to provide the real estate for the building and fund 1/4th of it’s government. Just no. Stop funding the UN and kick it off of US soil for good. WHO as part of the UN has bled US citizens dry. It’s US taxpayer’s money. It’s my money. In the US, the government works for the people. The UN isn’t working for the people. Get rid of the UN. WHO has continued with the UN agenda during the COVID-19 crises. The WHO assisted China in hiding key facts about this virus from day one. I believe nothing WHO says or does at this point. In essence, they have aided and abetted the enemy which is the Chinese government. They assisted the Chinese government against it’s own people. The Chinese citizens are not accountable for their communist government. WHO did have the opportunity to step in but chose to support the Chinese government at the world’s expense. WHO knew very well that Chinese travel should have been shutdown to other countries. Instead, WHO as well as liberal politicians in the US, chastised President Trump for making the right call. Had he made it earlier, we would all be better off right now. No one believes China’s reported numbers. Now, no one believes WHO either.

To even further make my point about WHO being an overstepping entity, did everyone see the speach where WHO discussed the possible future need to go into people’s houses and forcibly remove sick family members? I am not sure what country that idiot believed would tolerate that behavior, but it certainly isn’t the US. If family members want a sick family member to remain in their care, that is their choice. The other family members have already been exposed. I don’t even agree with preventing family members in the US who have already been exposed to the virus from being at the dying family member’s bedside. They’ve already been exposed. That ship sailed. Why are we as US citizens funding an organization even considering forcibly removing people from their homes? It’s against everything that we believe.


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