Simple things like mowing your lawn help return a sense of normalcy to your life

I hadn’t mowed my lawn yet and parts of it were almost knee high. I have a lot of weeds and random flowers like Texas Blue Bonnets that sprout in my yard. The slightest bit of rain when the weather starts to warm up turns my yard into a disaster. I usually leave the first mowing as late as possible because I do get honey bees in my yard and they eat the nectar from the flowers blossoming on the weeds. It was 35 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday. I went out and mowed and cleaned up part of my yard. It was 54 today and I went out for about two hours and finished up everything except for the fenced in backyard where the dogs live. Then my son and I kicked the soccer ball in the yard for another hour or so. We had a very relaxing and peaceful weekend just like any other this time of year. Between yardwork and kicking the soccer ball, I am sore in places I forgot exist. Totally worth it!


The above pics are all a part of my crazy yard. I did not get any pics of the ridiculously tall Johnson grass growing underneath my trees. Normal people would have their yard sprayed. I kind of like the blossoms and miscellaneous flowering plants (weeds) in the springtime.


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