If you’re going to continue to compare apples to oranges or pears and changing the fruit, why not just go for the endgame? More people died when God flooded the earth and saved Noah, his family, and two of each animal on the ark, than are dying from COVID-19.

The naysayers who were spouting flu deaths as being worse than COVID-19 were shot down by President Trump yesterday. Now they have moved the goal post to an equally useless comparison in order to make themselves feel better. Now the comparison is to heart disease and cancer. It’s a meaningless comparison. We have literally moved from comparing apples against oranges to comparing apples against pears. Why not just go for the endgame? God told Noah to build the ark and save two of each animal. God flooded the earth killing everything except what he saved on the ark. More people died from the flood than are dying from COVID-19. There, now you can leave the goalpost alone. Feel better?


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