Dear China: I would like to return a recent purchase. You sent me Rona instead of a new iPhone.

Dear China:

Around Christmas time, I agreed to purchase my son a new phone. I never got it ordered because his old phone was still working. I did, however, see on the news that several of our US cities had passengers arrive on international flights carrying a surprise gift. I was sure someone had brought me a new iPhone for my son as a gift. I continued to watch the news and quickly discovered the gift was called Rona. I thought this was a strange name for a new iPhone, but hey, marketing and all that. The days progressed into weeks and the weeks months. We do not have Rona but she grows ever closer each day. Everyone is hiding in their houses so she doesn’t stop by and visit. My son is out of school because of Rona. Two days ago he broke my old iPhone. The phone he has used for almost two years. The cell phone office is closed due to Rona. I am awaiting their call so they can order and activate a new phone for my son. I will have to set up an appointment so they can throw it out the door at me when it arrives. I would like to return Rona as an even exchange for the new iPhone. I think this is more than fair.


Miss June


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