Enough with the price gouging in the US. There is no meat shortage in the US. The retailer or the packing plant is falsely inflating prices while the cattle market bottoms out.

It is ridiculous that cattle are not being sold right now because the price dropped out of the market. Most cattle sales and auctions aren’t even bringing a high enough price to cover the cost of raising a calf. And yet, all over the news, there is not meat in the grocery stores and the prices are raised. There is rationing. Is that a joke? I can go drive around and send you pictures of literally thousands of cattle ready for slaughter. Retailers and slaughterhouses /meat packing plants are bending over the US in a time of crises. It’s clear cut price gouging which is supposed to be illegal in the US. It’s time for the government to get involved. I am not big on government involvement on anything. That should tell you something. There is no meat shortage. It’s 100 percent greedy retailers and meat packers/processors.


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