The Rona Relief Bill needs to happen right now!

COVID-19, or Rona as I’m now calling her, is exposing people’s true nature. Some people are rising to the occasion and showing a good side of themselves that most people never see. Others’ true nature is sadly surfacing and exposing their selfish or even evil sides. I have read wonderful stories from around the globe of neighbor helping neighbor as well as uplifting stories like the Italians singing on their balconies. I have read stories of people purposely infecting others including the elderly. Crises brings out people’s true natures. Fear brings out panic and bad decisions. America is in need of an immediate government response providing some economic solutions. People have families and loved ones to feed and care for.

Rona has not been kind to the Democrats or politicians in general today. Nancy Pelosi pushed a 1200? or so page Rona Relief Bill that included voter mining, Green New Deal, and a few other items having nothing to do with Rona. Nancy, people are sick and out of work. Put your politics aside and help the American people. Grow up. We know you hate Trump. We got that with the impeachment fiasco. You know, the one where the Senate trial voted to acquit Trump? The impeachment process you knew you were going to lose from the beginning that kept everyone busy through December 2019 and January 2020 when they should have been focusing on this virus? Yeah, that one. If you live in her area and you are one of her constituents, I suggest you contact her office and insist on getting some type of immediate relief passed. How about we focus on just Rona and the American people for one minute? She flew home today after her Green New Deal was struck down. I thought they were supposed to be working on Rona, but she is unaware. Please contact her office and remind her. Here is how you contact her office.

This type of behavior only strengthens Trump’s voter base. So for that, thank you, Nancy.

Republicans, you had a few things in your bill that weren’t so great either. Corporate buy backs? Really?

As a country, we cannot afford for the Democratic party to focus on pushing liberal agendas having zero to do with Rona in this bill. We cannot afford for the Democrats to behave the way they behaved during the farce of an impeachment they inflicted on the American people. Hate Trump tomorrow. Help out the American people today. Who knows? It might get you a vote or two. Unemployed people with no way to pay their bills or buy food do not care about your Green New Deal. The Democratic Party is completely out of touch with what the average American values.


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