The President of the United States is an essential job.

I am sharing my own facebook post from earlier today.

Am I the only one who remembers December and January? Impeach Trump at all costs. Remove him from office….

Now it’s March and the Democrats are still crying because Trump wasn’t focused on this virus outbreak in January and omg he put Pence in charge of virus patrol. (Virus patrol-That’s what I’m calling it now.)

You fools do realize that you intentionally had his hands tied up when he should have been able to do his job? You do realize that had you succeeded, Pence would be President right now? Have you lost your minds or do you just believe everyone is stupid?

Welcome to the consequence of your preventing the president from doing his job at all costs. He was busy dealing with your nonsense in December and January. Are you just about done with your crybaby fit over losing in 2016? It’s 2020 now. Let him do his job. I for one have had more than enough. Trump 2020.


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