Karma loves America. Panicked US citizens are facing empty shelves in stores while refusing to buy Chinese made products.

For decades the US has taxed corporations in the US at a much higher rate than any other country in the world. Then we allow corporations to move jobs, including everything from call centers to manufacturing, overseas exploiting cheap labor markets. Many of those labor markets are guilty of human rights violations including child labor and human trafficking. We should not be a party to exploitation in other countries. We allow shell companies to move and hide money into overseas accounts. We have allowed tax loopholes for large corporations and the wealthy elite. Then we make awful trade agreements with other countries. The result has been the evaporation of middle class jobs and families in the US. The result has been moving to a global shift in our supply chains. The result has been lost tax dollars from politician’s families (most of whom become millionaires after several terms in office), lost tax dollars from the wealthy elite, lost jobs for working Americans, and dependency on other countries. President Trump is a threat to all of this. He has worked to move manufacturing as well as other industry back into the US. He has worked for better trade agreements. He has worked to fight the lifelong politicians who have made backroom deals with corporations, big pharmaceutical companies, banks, and other countries to put money into their own and their family member’s pockets. Right now, American’s are beginning to see how ridiculous our trade agreements and supply chains really are. Why are half the shelves in Walmart and Target filled with items from China? Why are you having difficulty with empty shelves right now? According to the Democrats, Trump is pure evil for trying to correct these issues. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. There is zero reason for the US to have a shortage of anything on any shelf at this moment in time with the exception of poor government policies for decades. Both parties are guilty.

Karma isn’t finished with America just yet. Every country in the world is working to slow and combat the spread of the coronavirus, keep supply chains open, and focus on a workable plan going forward. What is happening in the US? Well, rather than prevent the spread of the virus and stop it, we have Elizabeth Warren who wants to yank funding from the border wall with Mexico in order to fund the CDC. The entire world is trying to prevent sick people from travelling willy-nilly and Elizabeth Warren is promoting an open border. Brilliant! She hates Trump so badly that she is willing to unnecessarily spread a virus. Pelosi and Bloomberg are busy spreading propaganda that the CDC was defunded by Trump two years ago. He did put a proposed funding cut for the CDC on the table, it was rejected and everyone moved forward. Not one single Democratic potential nominee for the 2020 election has even attempted to step up and say, “How do we make a plan and prevent a totally preventable crises?” NOT ONE! Even worse, the far left’s response is to try and seize an opportunity to tank our stock prices and the economy because they believe this will cause Trump to lose the 2020 election. YES, OUR DEMOCRATS AND FAR LEFT HATE PRESIDENT TRUMP SO MUCH THAT NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT SICK PEOPLE. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT JOBS OR INCOME FOR WORKING AMERICANS. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT WORLD STOCK MARKET COLLAPSE. GET TRUMP…GET TRUMP…

I would vote for a chimp before voting for any of these selfish self-serving jerks running for office on the Democratic ticket. I don’t care if you hate Trump. Get over your childish temper tantrum, think about what is best for our healthcare system, our people, people around the world, and the economy. YOU are not even attempting to work with Trump for the good of the American people. You are consumed with hate.

Pelosi, your district is filled with homeless people living in tents. If I lived in California, I would not vote for you to be a dog catcher let alone a politician. Buttigieg, the area you were mayor of experienced a 70 percent increase in crime as well as a tanked economy. Bloomberg, you are a wealthy elitist who is completely out of touch with most of America. Sanders, you can call yourself a democratic socialist but you are in fact a communist. Warren, you will literally say whatever the audience in front of you wants to hear. You don’t believe or intend to implement anything. You stand for nothing.

Find some better candidates to run for various offices on the democrat side of the fence. There are some pretty abysmal republican candidates out there you could defeat if you can find a few less extreme candidates.

We desperately need term limits in the US.


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