Red Ryder, two boys, and a creek.

My son sharing his Red Ryder BB gun with his friend.

A little target practice

Yes, it’s winter time and everything is brown. These are pretty areas when the grass and trees are green.

I took my son and his friend out for the weekend with my son’s Red Ryder BB gun. We did a little target practice and then went to a couple of easy access spots on a local creek. A BB gun is the perfect way to teach your child gun safety, how to shoot, and how to take care of a gun. If you have on shoes and you shoot yourself in the foot, it hurts. You will live. Lesson learned. If you take them out where there is water, they can see how far a gun will actually shoot. Even a BB gun made for kids. Red Ryder is a tradition of sorts in rural America. It’s been around for years and has not changed much if any since I was in grade school. I’m not onboard with letting young kids shoot big guns until they are old enough to understand consequences of gun safety and use. Red Ryder provides a great way for kids to learn with a gun they can handle while minimizing consequences. I grew up in rural America with guns everywhere. Not much has changed. We knew growing up as kids not to touch adult guns. That was a butt whooping no one wanted. It still is as far as I’m concerned. Guns aren’t the problem. So called grown-ups are the problem. Not parenting your children is the problem.

The boys had more fun outdoors on a creek bank with a Red Ryder than inside on the Xbox One. Don’t get me wrong, they went back to the Xbox when we got home. It was very entertaining to watch them mimic the idiotic Hollywood gun stances in the movies and then learn after one shot that you can’t aim while acting like a movie star. It didn’t take long for them to realize that Hollywood and the media are fiction.

Now to convince my son that he needs a haircut…..


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