Consent Apps, video and written statements consenting to sex are a horrible idea.

In case you haven’t seen the latest insanity, here it is. There are now people pushing consent apps, videos, or written statements from women consenting to sex in order to prevent being falsely accused of rape. Has everyone forgotten that rape has to be proved beyond the shadow of a doubt in court in a trial with 12 jury members?

Consent can be given and taken away during the course of an evening, date, or event. Have you ever had a date who everyone loved and was a great guy until you got alone with him? Either there are a lot of men out there like that, or I just dated them all. Predators are really good at putting on a façade until there are no witnesses and they have someone cornered. True consent can only be given during the moment. You can tell somebody earlier in the evening yes, and have him morph into a jerk and change your mind. You can say no anytime you want to say no. Sex is not a contract. This whole idea is really awful for women.

If you as a man do not know or trust a woman enough to have sex without any consent form, then you shouldn’t be having sex with her in the first place. Go pay for a hooker and use a condom. If you’re needing a consent form of any kind, you don’t have a relationship that should involve sex. The obvious is that these men just want sex from these women. Women, just say no to all of the above. Make him treat you better or walk away.


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