Uncomfortable airplane and vehicle seats affect people’s mood. To recline or not to recline.

Has everyone seen the current internet argument about the Delta flight? Here’s the short story. The man sitting in the very back seat could not recline but the passenger in front of him did recline. She asked on Twitter who was in the right. The CEO of Delta said passengers should ask the person behind them before reclining.

When you are uncomfortable and cannot reposition your body for hours, you get cranky and irritable. I don’t care who you are. When my son and I flew into Glacier International Airport last summer, we had to take two flights to get there and two flights back home. The flight into Denver was on a United Flight on a Boeing. That was the most uncomfortable flight I think I have ever suffered through. United was great. That plane was awful. The seats were packed together with no leg room. I expected no leg room. WTF is that attached headrest about? If I thought that I wouldn’t go to jail, I would have ripped that thing off and thrown it out of the emergency exit. The Boeing seats are made like Ford vehicle seats. They are for people with long torsos and short legs. I am not built like a beetle. Neither is my son. There was no possible way to position myself in that seat without my chin literally resting on my chest. My neck, head and back were pounding by the time that flight was over. I tried putting a jacket behind my back but there was no leg room. It was awful. The only way to ease the back and head pain was the inch or so on the recline. I have scoliosis. Ford and Boeing hate me. I hate Ford and Boeing. My son leaned on the window the entire flight. Had the person behind me asked me to not recline my seat, I probably would have punched them in the face. The flight attendant told me that I am not alone with the headrest issue. Every car and pickup seat in the world is more comfortable than a Ford seat. I did not think it was even possible to make a worse seat than Ford. Congratulations Boeing, you did the unthinkable. My son and I had to trek from one end of the Denver airport to the other to catch our connecting flight. We were both pretty cranky and irritable but the trek through the airport actually worked out some of the kinks in my back, neck and legs.

Our connecting flight to Kalispel, MT was on a small Brazilian made Embraer. This vacation was my son’s first time flying. He at least was preoccupied with looking out the window on the first flight. This second flight we boarded out on the runway. He was really nervous. The plane looked so tiny compared to the Boeing. We boarded the plane and sat in our seats. The first thing out of my son’s mouth was mom this seat is so comfortable. I love this plane. Me too. Those are nice little planes with comfortable seats. That flight over the Rocky Mountains and into Glacier National Airport was one of the best flights I have ever had. The difference in a comfortable seat with leg room and being packed in like a sardine is indescribable. We were both rested and ready to enjoy our vacation. We both loved the Embraer. I talked to the person across the aisle from me during that flight as well as the person behind me. It’s a completely different experience.


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