Millennials, Facebook Police, living in your car in silicone valley, poor life choices.

The Facebook police choose to live in their vehicles in silicon valley. Why? Yes, it is a conscious choice. There are other jobs. You own a car or van. You could drive to another location and seek employment. You are working at a desk job requiring few skills that doesn’t pay you enough to pay rent or buy a house. No one is impressed outside of your immediate circle. You read FB posts and decide if they meet community standards. Your job skill requirements entail being able to read and navigate FB. My 10 year old has those skills. Facebook doesn’t need to pay any higher for your skill set. You are willing to live in your vehicle in a parking lot. Frankly, I’m surprised FB hasn’t moved your job to a call center type environment in another country. It will eventually happen.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? This used to be a standard interview question. One of the first questions asked. Here is why. Most employers want to know if you can make goals, develop a plan to reach those goals, and follow through. Where do the millennials living in their cars see themselves in ten years? Where is your salary going? What are your promotion opportunities? Be realistic. If you are working there for a short while and saving your money, good for you. If your long-term goal is to be promoted from living in your car into a multimillion dollar home, you need a reality check. What life skills are you developing while living in a parking lot? What kind of a future do you have? If you lose your job, you probably have to leave the parking lot too.

All millennials need a goal with a plan for their future. This isn’t a good one.


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