Stop Going to Work Sick

We have had over 12,000 flu deaths in the United States this year.  Many of them could have been avoided had people just stayed home.

You can help avoid catching the flu by boosting your immune system, washing your hands, and not touching your face with unwashed hands.  None of those measures work if you’re working with or are in school with contagious people. 

You cannot control if someone walks by you and sneezes without covering their nose and then washing their hands.  Are you working in an office using shared phones and computers?  Phones are my pet peeves.  No, you cannot use my phone.  Let’s face it.  At some point you will probably get busy and open a door and then touch your face or your phone.  You will probably put the phone to your mouth without remembering to disinfect the phone.  Let me say this again, someone will sneeze on you.  That person who came to work or school sick is probably not being that careful when they sneeze or touch things.  They don’t feel well. They’re just trying to get through the day. They’re probably drinking out of the water fountain.  They’re probably drinking out of the coffee pot. 

You stop the spread of flu by staying home when you’re sick and/or contagious.  You say no I am not going in today. Unless you’re a neurosurgeon, your absence will probably not doom the company.  That’s your ego talking.  That’s your supervisor being a jerk.  Stay home. I don’t want a sick surgeon working on me either.  Employers and schools should be required to send employees home when they’re contagious.  Instead, they reward zero absences.  It’s the exact opposite of how it should be handled. 



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