My Dogs Are Spoiled

I have two collies in my backyard.  They hate being indoors.  I heard you thinking “Why are they outdoors and not inside?”.  My dogs have wool-like undercoats and like to run.  They are herding dogs.  They get too hot inside in the winter with their undercoats. They do come inside and visit.

Both of my dogs come to the door and scratch if their food or water bowl is empty.  They do not bark.  They wait on me to be by the backdoor.  I am trained.  I go give them food and water when they scratch.  Thankfully, my backdoor is steel and not wooden!

Yesterday, I fed them and missed their bowl with part of their food.  Their bowl is on a pretty clean wooden deck.  Today they scratched on the door to be fed.  I went out there to feed them.  Did they eat the food on the deck around their bowl?  NO, they did not.  I scooped up the food and put it in their bowl.  They started eating the food immediately.  Did I have to give them more food?  NO!  It just wasn’t in their bowl.  Spoiled rotten!


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