Manipulative Eaters

Doesn’t everyone have at least one friend or coworker who uses food to manipulate everyone in their circle? You know what I’m talking about. The person who has either a food aversion, special diet, a cause, or an allergy that appeared out of nowhere. The person who has an illness such as sugar diabetes or any other disease requiring a special diet. Anyone around them MUST eat only the foods they are allowed to eat or everyone else is being unfeeling and unreasonable. Heaven help you if it’s the adult female in the household doing the cooking.

Well, here’s the bad news for them. No, everyone around you does NOT have to be on your current diet. Not only is everything NOT about you, but your diet might not be a good diet for everyone in your household or your circle. Get over yourself. I believe in being supportive of people who have medical necessities requiring a specific diet. Being supportive doesn’t mean I’m going to let you make me feel guilty for eating pie, or gluten, or steak, or peanuts, or a grizzly bear for that matter.

If I invite you to my house for dinner, I will serve you food that you like and can eat, but that may not be the only food on the menu. If I go to a restaurant with you, I will do my best to find a restaurant where we both can find something on the menu we enjoy. I may, however, order something not on your diet. I am not on your diet.

If you’re just a big drama queen trying to get attention, I’m probably not your best choice in lunch buddies. I have a friend who up and decided that he is grossed out by catsup. He loved to go to hamburger joints and have grilled hamburgers and fries. However, no one with him was allowed to use catsup or it would gross him out too much to eat. I’m sorry but, that’s about nothing but attention. I, of course, used extra catsup. If you’re going to seek out drama, I’m going to assist. It’s much more fun for me. You won’t manipulate me into giving you sympathy for being special and purposely putting yourself into situations where you can be even more special. I’ll continue to eat catsup, or steak, or sushi, or whatever.…..

Challenge accepted. Where are we eating?


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