Inspirational Quote Culture

On occasion, I read an inspirational quote that doesn’t make me want to repeatedly bang my forehead against a brick wall. Not often. As a general rule, I hate them. They immediately annoy me and put me into a bad mood. I don’t care if they came from the Bible, a self help guru, an artist, a philosopher, a therapist, or your neighbor. They irritate me. Most quotes are not very deep or very moving. They do not make me think. They do not inspire me. They don’t make me see the world through rose colored glasses. They do not make me feel warm and fuzzy. They make me want to slap someone.

I am not alone in my response to inspirational quotes. I have worked at jobs where people put an inspirational quote at the end of every email they send. Usually, it takes about two weeks before an official email goes out to the entire company directing everyone to stop attaching inspirational quotes to emails. Sometimes the first email is tactful and just says something like email should contain work content only. Inspirational quote lovers never understand the tactful email. A follow up email is usually sent out within the week.

Inspirational quote lovers are inspired by inspirational quotes and wish to share their experience. They are well meaning people. Not everyone is inspired by the same things. I find inspiration in nature, photography, science and art. I find inspiration in looking at the night sky. Some people find inspiration in music. We all like to share our experiences with others of like minds and interests. Inspirational quotes are meant to lift people up. I am completely supportive of the intent. I am not supportive of constantly shoving quotes down people’s throats. They don’t belong on everything at work and in public. They don’t inspire everyone just because they may inspire you. If it’s your personal social media page or blog, fire away. Put them all over and share. People who are inspired will love your blog and your social media pages. Those of us who are not inspired will scroll on past.

To the people who hate inspirational quotes:

“For every cloud, there is a silver lining.” May that silver fall out of the cloud and hit the inspirational quote crowd in the head sending them unconscious to the emergency room. May they not have access to their cell phone or the internet during their hospital stay.


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