Are we winning WWIII?

Are we winning WWIII? The news media told us President Trump started WWIII when he authorized the killing of Soleimani. I haven’t seen anything about how WWIII is going, who is winning, or even the countries involved anywhere on the news. I saw several news articles about college kids retreating to their safe spaces due to signing up for the draft. I even saw articles on how the draft might be enacted soon and who would be sent first. Could it be the media is NOT being truthful yet again? Weird.

I learned in civics class in high school that men have to sign up for the draft regardless of whether or not we are in a war. Most men register when they sign up to vote. How do we have so many college kids that don’t know about signing up for the draft being mandatory? It has mandatory for years. In 1940, President Franklin D Roosevelt signed the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940. That was in 1940, in case you didn’t catch the year of 1940. Men between 18-25 are required to register (there are a few exceptions). The military has been strictly voluntary since 1973. Vietnam was the last time the draft was enacted. How do we have kids in college who don’t know this? Maybe we don’t. Maybe the media is just full of crap.


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