Rescue Yourself

No one is going to rescue you. If you are unhappy with your job, where you live, your friends, your clothes, how you look, your income, and yourself, no one can rescue you but yourself. Stop waiting. Decide to change your own life for the better.

I am not talking about medical issues such as clinical depression. Things like depression are often caused by physical health problems. They are real medical issues and should be treated as such. I am talking about being unhappy and feeling sorry for yourself instead of stepping up and deciding to make positive changes.

No one has a perfect life. No one has things they wouldn’t like to change for the better. Most people at least at some point in their life have bad things happen. Houses catch on fire, people have car wrecks, companies close down, and people get sick and pass away. That’s all a part of the human condition. When negative life events occur, we all need time to grieve and process our grief. I’m not talking about those times either. I’m talking about making day to day life choices to improve our circumstances instead of being miserable, unhappy victims.

Seriously, no one is going to rescue you. First, is most of your life pretty good and you’re just focusing on one or two things that are bad? Is everything pretty good, but you hate your job? Look for a different one. If you aren’t leaving because your job is providing you with income or a work schedule that you need, is it really that bad? Maybe you just need to focus on the positives instead of the negatives. Maybe you need to have a conversation with your supervisor and see if you can improve your job setting. Do you hate where you live but you can’t afford to move or have family circumstances preventing you from moving? Make a plan to save money so you can move. Look at a job in a different area. Can you change your circumstances or are they only temporary? If they are temporary, decide to ride it out and make a plan for when your circumstances change. If you can affect change, then do so. Are your friends emotionally or financially taking more from your life than they are adding? Are your friends keeping you single and preventing you from progressing in your life? No, your friends aren’t doing any of those things. You are deciding be friends with people who are helping you remain exactly who and where you are in life. You are choosing them. Most things that make us unhappy are things we can change if we really want to change them. We can’t always change everything but we can refocus on things we enjoy and gradually get our lives where we want them to be. We can rescue ourselves.


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